Brief Introduction to School of General Education


School of General Education(SGE) is located in the campus of East Dinghuai Gate of Jiangsu City Vocational College, adjacent to the Gulin Park.The campus environment is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. It has completefacilities of teaching, living, culture and sports.

SGE has 40 full-time teachers and administrators, includding 26 associate professorsor professiors, 11 teachers with intermediate professional titles, 27 teachers with doctor’s degree or master’s degree. It has strong professional faculty with a reasonable structure and good quality. The teaching methods are distinctive,

SGE adheres to the idea of running schools according to the needs of the society, in the light of the talent cultivation specifications of thick foundation,fine skill and high quality, it has established the direction of running school of emphasizing practice, usefulness and sustainable development, set the education target of focusing on basic education andattaching more importance to the professional and practical ability.SGEgathers Strength, forges ahead inunity, emancipates minds, makes nnovations, works diligentlyand strengthens the connotation construction. It centerson the promotion of the educational quality and pays more attention to standardized management and teaching reform and innovation.

Inorder to combine theoretical teaching with practical training, SGE has builtspecial training bases and professional laboratories such as Cultural and ArtisticEducation Training Base and Enterprise Cognition Sand Table Simulation Training Room, etc. It has also built a base of college students' quality education supported by Nanjing Museum, a practice base of environmental protection law supported by Changyang Community of Jiangdong Sub-district of Gulou district,Nanjing City and two Ideological and Political Education practice bases and realizedthe integration of teachers, teaching materials and practical training basesand formed the teaching characteristics of integration of knowledge, abilityand quality.

The main function of SGE is to undertake the teaching task of public basic coursesand quilty developing education of the whole college such as ideological and political education, mathematics, physics, Chinese, sports, management and soon . SGE has four teaching deparments, namely, Deparment of Moral Education, Deparmentof Sports, Deparment of Science Literacy and Deparment of Cultural Literacy.

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