Athletes of Our University Achieved Success in the Third Vocational College Students ' Football Skill Competition &Physical Fitness Competition in Jiangsu Province

Views:30Author:颜雪蓉Times:2018-01-19Set Up

    The third vocationalcollege students ' football skill competition and physical fitness competitionof Jiangsu province was held on November 21st, 2-17 at Nanjing VocationalCollege of Information. This competition was sponsored by Jiangsu provincialeducational department and organized by The Guidance Committee of P.E. teachingin vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province. 433 students from 28 collegesacross the province participated, among them were 20 football delegation groupsand 25 physical fitness delegation groups.

    After a whole-day’sfierce competition, our athletes, led by their coaches, HeKang, MaQinglan,ShiBingzhu, made a high level of play and won the third Prize for theirfootball skill and LiuKai was conferred upon the title of all-around winner. 



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