Leadersfrom Nantong City Rail Transit Co., Ltd. Visited our University for aDiscussion of Cooperation in School Running

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At the invitation of students enrolling & cooperation in school running, 6 people led by ShiXinkai, vice secretary from Nantong City Rail Transit Co., Ltd arrived atour university for a discussion on cooperation. WangWei, vice president,YuJinyuan, secretary of party subcommittee in architectural engineering school,Hua yongping, head of information and electromechanical engineering school, and YangYuan, vice director of students enrolling & cooperation were present.

On behalf of theuniversity, WangWei extended warm welcome to our guests and expressed wishes for a further cooperation in various fields. Representatives from student enrollment and various schools introduced our characteristics, enrollment situation, specialty arrangement, and talent cultivating model. Shi Xinkai gave a brief account on Nantong City development , corporate culture, status in theindustry, development blueprint, employee benefit in their company.

Both sides made adetailed and friendly communication on the schemes of a cooperation in various fields, exploring the feasibility and comprehensive cooperation. Both agreed that cooperation between university and enterprise was a must to develop vocational education with the aid of the excellent talent cultivating environment of JSCVCand career development platform of Nantong City Rail Transit Co., Ltd. Bothsides are bound to strengthen their understanding and communication and expandnew areas of cooperation, making contribution to enhancing talent quality andNantong local social economic growth.

On the afternoon,Nantong Rail Transit Co. had in interview with some students who had intentionof working there and signed employment agreement with none them on the spot.After that, a brief ceremony of cooperation on school running was held. Mr. Shigave an affirmative comment on our talent quality, qualification of studentsand professional skills. He hoped that more students will be attracted to workin Nantong for greater career development.


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