A Strategic Agreement Signed between JSOU Cooperative Research Center for the Construction of Barrier-free Environment and the Shenzhen Association for the Promotion of Accessibility

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-09-25Set Up

On Sept.24, JSOU Barrier-free Environment Construction Cooperation Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the research center ) and Shenzhen Association for the Promotion of Accessibility signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Vice President Wu Guanglin, Secretary of the Party General Branch of Construction and Engineering Institute, Vice Dean Hou Xinyu and some teacher representatives of the research center, Director General of the Shenzhen Federation of Disabled Persons, Chen Lei, and Vice President of the Association for the Promotion of Accessibility, Ouyang Mingguo, attended the meeting.

Shenzhen Association for the Promotion of Accessibility is composed of deputies to the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, members of the CPPCC, experts and scholars on accessibility, research and development institutions of high-tech wisdom and accessibility, news media and social organizations. The association is successful and fruitful in barrier-free city strategic planning and standard system construction,  barrier-free construction in information, barrier-free supervision and evaluation.

The signing of the agreement will open up the in-depth cooperation and co-construction between JSCVC Barrier-free Environment Construction Cooperative Research Center and Shenzhen Association for the Promotion of Accessibility. Both sides strive to expand the characteristic service chain, give play to their respective professional, service and technical advantages. Taking Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guide, we will integrate the superior resources, and write a new chapter in the construction of barrier-free environment in the new era.


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