JSCVC Participate in 2019 Assessment and Acceptance Conference for Energy Conservation of Jiangsu Province Public Institutions

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-09-22Set Up

Recently ,2019 Jiangsu Province public institutions’ energy-saving assessment and acceptance meeting was held in Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology. The assessment is jointly organized by Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Organ Affairs, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, and Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission. The assessment covers eight aspects: energy conservation objectives, organizational leadership, and system construction, etc. Relevant comrades of the school general office, logistics and other departments attended the meeting.

As one of the colleges and universities selected for assessment, JSCVC attaches great importance to it by making coordinated deployment and meticulous preparations. In view of the relevant contents in the work plan of assessment and evaluation, we have set up a work coordination group composed of 11 departments including school general office and logistics, to integrate the existing resources in reference to the standard, which not only makes full preparation for the present stage of assessment, but also further clarifies the next stage of work objectives.

At the site of the examination and acceptance meeting, the participating expert judges, after carefully reviewing the relevant materials of our energy saving assessment work and listening to the on-site report, fully affirmed the effectiveness of our work. They put forward their opinions and suggestions to guide our work for the next step. In the future, JSCVC will take this examination as an opportunity to continue our attention to energy efficiency standards, optimize energy control, strengthen energy conservation measures, promote contract energy management, and continue to make due contributions to the construction of ecological civilization and green development in Jiangsu Province.


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