Advocate Thrift, Promote Traditional Culture —— School of Art Organized Theme Class Activities


September is the harvest season. In order to respond to the national call, enhance students' awareness of saving and popularize Mandarin, on September 25, each class of School of Art held a class meeting under the theme of advocating thrift and carrying forward traditional culture.

This activity is divided into two modules: I will take the lead in practising frugality and speak Mandarin well, build Chinese Dream . At the beginning of the activity, students learned about thrift by seeing , listening to , cloud viewing stories online, deeply feeling the significance of hard work and saving. When sharing my thrift stories, class cadres introduced examples of thrift in life, and expressed their views against the phenomenon of laziness and waste, students have got a new understanding of thrift. In the second module, speak Putonghua well and build Chinese Dream together , students discussed on the topic of Putonghua and dialect, which is more convenient . During the event, they also interspersed dialect guessing, drumming flowers, idioms and other games, creating a lively atmosphere.

This theme class activity has strengthened the young students' consciousness of refusing to waste, promoted the civilized habit of frugality, meanwhile, the activities of popularizing Putonghua has made a positive role in speaking Putonghua well among students and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture. The psychological growth and interpersonal communication of college students have improved.

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