Outward Bound Training for New Staff of 2020

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-10-26Set Up

In order to facilitate the new staff’s moving into the role, strengthen the cohesion, team consciousness, executive ability and sense of mission, to cultivate the spirit of love and dedication, and to build a platform for mutual communication, on October 24, the union and personnel department organized quality development activities for more than 60 new staff of 2020. Feng Guogang, director of the personnel department, Ding Yuesheng, chairman of the trade union, and Ye Haiyue, member of the youth trade union committee, attended the event.

The training was conducted on Dinghuaimrn East Campus. Led by the coach, trainees were divided into eight groups for ice breaking, curling challenge, inspiring, challenge 150, crazy roller coaster and other events, the activities of unity and cooperation, mutual encouragement are full of challenges and fun, laughter reverberated over the stadium for a long time.

Through the training, the new staff realized the significance of communication, understanding, mutual assistance,unity and cooperation. Everyone was conscious of the importance of team work and close cooperation, which not only enhanced the emotional exchange between each other, but also the sense of belonging and responsibility .




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