Visiting Underprivileged Homes, the 10th Party Branch Volunteered to Care for the Poor Elderly


In order to consolidate the educational achievements on the theme of keeping in mind the mission and initial aspiration and enhance the consciousness of grass-roots party members to serve the masses, on the morning of December 2, the 10th Party Branch once again joined hands with Baochuan Community to visit the elderly Mao Dongying.

Mao Dongying living in Tianping village, Baochuan community is our long-term service object . She in her 80s, suffering from chronic diseases, and raising a mentally retarded son in his 50s , under heavy living pressure and financial burden. In 2019, the branch decided to carry out long-term voluntary service after learning about the living conditions of the elderly.

Today, they paid their third visit to the old lady with rice, cooking oil and other daily necessities. Gathering around her, they talked kindly, asked about their physical health and difficulties in their life. The old lady was very happy and kept saying, Thank the Communist Party, thank you .

A party member who took part in the event said, "I feel distressed to see the old lady in such a condition." The branch will continue to combine voluntary service with education to party members who are supposed to always bear in mind the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.

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