Seminar on Students of Ethnic Minority Held by School of Information and Electrical Engineering


On the afternoon of November 25, School of Information and Electrical Engineering organized a forum for minority students in Conference Room 805 . Zhu Yi, Dean, Gu Chen, Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch, and all the counselors attended the forum together with a total of 17 minority freshmen. The forum was presided over by teacher Liu Wenjing, Director of Student status management office.

At beginning, students of ethnic minorities exchanged their personal study and life, puzzles and difficulties in the university. They all expressed their basic adaptation to school life, and appreciated the university’s concern for minority students. Subsequently, Zhu Yi-yi communicated with students, combining his own experience, industry development, career planning. He encouraged students to seek development path according to their own characteristics, strive for diversified development.

This forum has strengthened the communication and exchange between teachers and minority students, comprehensively propelled the understanding of their study and living conditions, helped them to integrate into the new environment as soon as possible, further enhanced the sense of belonging and acquisition of minority students in colleges, and strengthened the pertinence and effectiveness of college management education and service.

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