Graduates of 2021 Visited Enterprises in Pukou Economic Development Zone for Internship

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Recently, 834 graduates of 2021 completed their enterprise tour in Pukou Economic Development Zone, which marked the first trial of JSOU’s participation in interaction  between campus, community and enterprise park. 

On October 10th, Niu Yutao, vice president of JSOU visited Pukou Economic Development Zone with staff from the Dean’s Office. JSOU and Pukou Economic Development Zone staff reached an elementary agreement on related issues. 

On October 15th, Huang Rong, dean of Pukou Social Insurance Management Center and Zhou Dajin, deputy secretary of management committee for Pukou Economic Development Zone visited JSOU for further communication. Wang Jianming, party secretary of JSOU attended the meeting. Wang Jianming emphasized that JSOU must devote every effort to realizing the interaction between campus, community and enterprise park. 

In order to promote the communication and integration of campus, community and enterprise park, the Dean’s Office organized 2 confernences on October 14th and October 16th. Zhang Xiao, vice president of JSOU attended both. Zhang Xiao gave three instructions for the preparation of internship. Firstly, schools should implement the internship well from strategic perspective. Secondly, schools should make full use of this opportunity, actively contact the enterprises and therefore build solid foundation for further cooperation between JSOU and enterprises. Thirdly, schools should implement the preparation in detail, ensuring students’ safety during their internship. 

From November 25th to November 27th, JSOU students went on their internship in 10 groups. In Pukou Economic Development Zone Exhibition Center, they learned history, strategic position, general planning, industrial distribution and regional transportation of Pukou Economic Development Zone. Students then visited representative firms, such as Huatian Technology Co.,Ltd, Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co.,Ltd, Nanjing Pukou Scientific City Construction Co.,Ltd and Nanjing Jiangbei Port Co.,Ltd, where they watched advertising videos and communicated with human resources staff. 

After the internship trip, students reported that they broadened the horizon and gained useful knowledge at the same time. The more they knew about Pukou Economic Development Zone, the better choice they would make during job hunting. 


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