JSOU Held Conference for Leading Members of Talent Recruitment


On December 8th, Cui Xinyou, president of JSOU, also the leader of talent recruitment team presided over a meeting for talent recruitment. The meeting discussed the plan of talents hiring in 2021. Wu Guanglin, vice president of JSOU and deputy leader of talent recruitment team, vice president Zhang Xiao and other team members attended the meeting.

Cui Xinyou firstly stated the importance of establishing a leading team to recruit talents and also clearly illustrated the responsibilities of the team. Thus, the rules for talents hiring were stated that talents must follow the guidance of the Communist Party of China

Cui emphasized that the team members should work in accordance to the standing committee of JSOU party committee, regularly study the situation of talents management and report it to the standing committee.

Cui insisted that JSOU had reached important phased results in hiring talents while there was a considerable distance between present situation and the high-quality open university standards. Looking from a long view, JSOU must insist on introducing specialized teachers and IT professionals while other positions kept adjustable. Doctors under 35 years old were the majority of introduced specialized teachers. 

Feng Guogang, dean of Human Resources Office, reported the recruitment demands of departments and schools for 2021 and the examined results. The leading members carefully examined the report and gave suggestions afterwards. Cui Xinyou asked Human Resources Office to adjust the recruitment plan according to the suggestions. 

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