JSOU Held Training Meeting for Campus, Community and Enterprise Park Interaction


On December 9th, JSOU held training meeting for campus, community and enterprise park interaction. Xie Jinlou, professor from Changzhou Institute of Technology, was invited to share experience to all JSOU leaders and staff. Wu Guanglin, vice president presided over the meeting. 

Xie Jinlou shared experimental experience from 3 perspectives, logic, strategy and path for application-oriented universities to integrate themselves into local characteristics. In terms of logic, Xie Jinlou pointed out that application-oriented universities should take specialty, talents, resources, culture and mechanisms as elements, well understand the deconstruction of integration of industry and teaching. In terms of strategy, he used Changzhou as an example, illustrating the integration of specialty, career and industry. In terms of path, he introduced two models and analyzed several successful cases of cooperation in Changzhou Institute of Technology.

Wu Guanglin pointed out that JSOU should strengthen the interaction between campus, community and enterprise park and insist on meeting the regional development needs. Wu Guanglin listed 4 instructions to the application of interaction projects. Firstly, JSOU should strengthen the connection between campus and enterprise. Secondly, JSOU should lift the quality of talent cultivation. Thirdly, departments should provide systematic guarantee to the interaction. Lastly, JSOU should hold monthly report meeting to promote the interaction. 

Hou Xinyu, deputy dean of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Zhou Xiaojun, deputy dean of Business School delivered their reports on the training meeting. Hou Xinyu mentioned the importance of the interaction. Zhou Xiaojun mentioned the future plan for Business School and the exploration for sustainable interaction. 

Wei Cuilan and Cheng Di reported as teacher representatives. They combined the training with their personal specialties, gave suggestions to the realization of interaction and were determined to dedicate to construct JSOU into an application-oriented university.   

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