President Cui Xinyou Chatting with Teachers and Students about How to be a Student

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-12-07Set Up

On the evening of Dec 3, President Cui Xinyou talked freely with representatives of teachers and students about how to be a student, sincerely interacting with participants present.

By citing the craftsmanship spirit of “Carpenter Tan”, which features honesty, diligence and happiness, President Cui affirmed that people should treat their work that they enjoy with meticulous efforts and derive pleasure from it. Looking back upon the patriotism and responsibility of college students during the May Fourth period, Cui indicated that patriotism and sense of responsibility is the prerequisite of being a good student.

President Cui also shared his own learning career, personal experience of working as a student cadres. According to him, the former college students in times of elite education worked very hard with a strong sense of responsibility and honor, which has set an example for current students to learn from. He said that goals, planning and efficient time management are key elements to successful handling of cadre work and learning. By referring to his own experience, he revealed that communication bridges understandings, students are supposed to seize opportunities, communicate and deal with personal relationships harmoniously. President Cui made earnest and cordial responses to each question of students and put forward his sincere hopes. 


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