An Informal Discussion between University Leaders and Student Representatives of Student Union Presidium

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A new presidium of student union was elected at the first student representative meeting on Nov. 7. In order to help student union to play a better part in leading the thoughts, being innovative through practical work and organizing volunteering service, Vice President Jin Lixia had an informal discussion with mew members. 

Extending warm congratulations to members of Student Union presidium, Secretary Jin said that Student Union as an important student organization under the leadership of Party Committee, bears the teachers’ hope and students’ trust, it is supposed to play its part in bridging and bonding people,serve all the students by persisting in its belief of “four confidences”(namely confidence in our socialist path with Chinese characteristics, in our theory, in our political system and in our culture), meanwhile by maintaining political integrity with enhanced awareness of big-picture, core values and alignment. The great mission of bringing about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is to be shouldered by the young generation, the Student Union is expected to play its role.

Secretary Jin made three demands to the new members: firstly, to keep pace with the times by experiencing and creating the process of history and actively respond to the world’s major changes. Secondly, to keep in hand the features and law of the youth work, highlighting autonomy and giving one’s subjunctive initiative into full play, thirdly, to deepen reform and innovation, student organization should stand four-square in the socialist path of development with Chinese characteristics.  

Jin also put forward several expectations to the work of Student Union: the team should be first of all clearly oriented in terms of politics, team work should be prompt with reinforced executive force and higher efficiency. Moreover, the team is expected to work with a broad mind which enables the team to confront difficulties leisurely and cope with pressure with a good mentality, team members are requested to be acquisitive for learning and know how to learn. Youngsters should enhance their capability of analyzing and solving problems by keeping on learning and learning from their seniors. Finally, solidarity is crucial to a team which is supposed to unite its strength in their team work, communicate and complement each other.  

New chairman of Student Union, Ding Yu expressed his gratitude to the concern from the Party Committee, the expectation from teachers and trust of students, the union will continue its loyalty to the Party and sincerity to the people, contribute to the construction of the university and the rejuvenation of Chinese nation.


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