JSCVC Students Won the First Prize in the 15th College Student Career Planning Competition in Jiangsu Province

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-12-01Set Up

The 15th College Student Career Planning Competition of Jiangsu Province ended on Nov. 28, the competition aims to popularize the career planning know-how and enhance students’innovation capability before they are ready for their employment. Relevant provincial leaders attended the event.

Themed on “pursuing a desired career and winning the future of employment”, the competition was sponsored by Jiangsu Education Department, ranking the highest in the field of college student career planning contest in Jiangsu. Set up into tracks of postgraduates, undergraduates, junior college students, innovators and entrepreneurs, the competition has attracted more than 200,000 contestants from over 140 universities or colleges in Jiangsu. After a battle of 8 months, 92 contestants from 60 universities or colleges emerged for the final. By displaying their career planning, presenting their career experience and interacting with judges, contestants demonstrated their strengths comprehensively. Wang Jie, a student from our academic. 


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