JSCVC Attended the Founding Ceremony of the Credit Bank Administrative Committee for Open Education in Yangtze River Delta

Views:11Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-12-23Set Up

December 22, the Yangtze River Delta Open Education Credit Bank (hereinafter referred to as the Yangtze River Delta Credit Bank) Management Committee’s founding ceremony and the first (expanded) meeting was held at Shanghai Open University. Relevant leaders from education administrative departments, open universities and credit bank management centers were present at the meeting. Cao Yumei, Deputy Director-General of the Education Department in Jiangsu, Director Shen Xiaodong, Investigator Jing Guibao, Vice President of JSCVC Wu Zhongning and Director Zhang Xuan were invited to attend.

At the meeting, the relevant documents of the Administrative Committee, such as the Leadership Organization Framework of Yangtze River Delta Credit Bank, were reviewed and adopted. The heads of education administrative departments jointly signed the Resolution on the Establishment of the Administrative Committee for Yangtze River Delta Credit Bank, the Administrative Committee of the Yangtze River Delta Credit Bank was formally established.

At the first (expanded) meeting of the Yangtze River Delta Credit Bank Management Committee, Zhang Xuan introduced the contents of the documents drafted by JSOU . Cao Yumei fully affirmed the documents and provided suggestions on the implementation. The meeting unanimously deliberated and adopted the above documents which will,  after the meeting, be officially announced in the name of the Yangtze River Delta Credit Bank. Vice President Wu Zongning analyzed the key tasks undertaken by Jiangsu during the 14th Five-Year Plan.


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