The First Batch of Students Return

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2021-02-27Set Up

The drizzle of February 27 ushered in the first batch of students back to JSCVC. With the help of staff, students from outside the province returned to their campus, safe and smooth.

In addition to epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work during winter vacation, JSCVC held a special session on the afternoon of February 25 in order to ensure students’ smooth and orderly return. At the meeting, the university epidemic prevention and control special working group reported on their work plan, and registration process for students’ return. President Cui Xinyou emphasized two requirements on this occasion, one is to raise awareness of responsibility for teachers and students, to attach importance to epidemic prevention and control. Second, it is necessary to strengthen joint defense and control. Departments of logistics, security, teaching, educational administration and other functional departments are supposed to enhance coordination based on their respective duties, further refine the work plan, carry out emergency drills, and ensure that all links are in a sound and orderly manner.

Early on the day of return, university party secretary Wang Jianming and other leaders came to the entrances on Yingtian Campus and East Campus, carefully inquiring about the preparation, talking to relevant functional departments for the details of students' return to school. Wang Jianming said that the prevention and control of back-to-school epidemic situation is the top priority. We must strictly implement the requirements of our superiors and always put the safety and health of teachers and students first.

The heads of relevant functional departments, school security personnel and medical staff are also stationed in the school early. Checking spots are divided into areas of waiting, registration, registration review, sampling and disinfection. Returning Students arrive at the school gate, go through the special channels set for students, show green code of health, take temperature, produce identity cards after verification into the campus. All inspections are completed before entering the dormitory.


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