JSCVC Ranked at the Top Level in College Graduates Employment Quantitative Assessment in Jiangsu Province for 2020

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According to the relevant document issued by the Provincial Educational Department, JSCVC was appraised as one of the top universities after a quantitative assessment for college students’ employment in 2020.

The year 2020 is an extraordinary one. In the face of the impact of the epidemic and the severe employment situation, the university party committee and administration attach great importance to graduates' employment.  Together with all the branches in the province, the university strictly implement the top management project . Taking the six guarantees and six stability as the focus of their work,we adhere to the policy of "broad mobilization, full-strength initiative, individual strategy, thorough responsibility". 25 research seminars on employment promotion have been held by the university which aims to conscientiously implement various policies and measures of the state and provinces to promote the employment of college graduates. We work hard with unified ideas and analysis of problems. JSCVC makes great efforts to broaden the employment market, actively carry out online and offline job fairs and lectures, holds special job fairs in conjunction with alumni units and school-enterprise cooperation units to provide continuous online services for graduates. Meanwhile, we carry on a dynamic accurate mapping to the graduate's graduation trend and the employment demand, offer assistance to students from low-income families, minority nationalities and disabled students. Employment progress is reported regularly. With the joint efforts, JSCVC does everything possible to promote the employment of graduates and completes all tasks successfully.

The achievement of this honor is the result that the leaders at all levels of JSCVC who attach great importance to the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates, and is also the result of the concerted efforts of all departments of the school units, for their unity and cooperation. In the future, we will continue to implement the employment entrepreneurship related policies, constantly sum up experience, innovative methods, condensed characteristics, and strive to a new high.


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