Participating in Green Activities and Safeguarding Beautiful Home-Business School Held "Arbor Day Handwritten Newspaper" Design Competition


In order to enrich the after-school life of students, improve their learning and living environment, create a good learning atmosphere, strengthen the construction of campus culture and excellent style of study, and give full play to their imagination, creative ability and artistic accomplishment, Business School held an “Arbor Day handwritten newspaper” contest with the theme of "Participating in Green Activities and Safeguarding Beautiful Home" . The event lasted from March 5, 2021 to March 15, 2021.

This handwritten newspaper contest takes Arbor Day as the opportunity, advocates the green and thrift life, and aims to protect the forest. Students may revolve around our initiative of returning marginal farmland into forest, desert afforestation to carry on their creation. The active participation of business school students with their high interest, added a touch of greenery to the sunny March, and planted seeds of hope for better greenery coverage. Finally, after careful voting by all the students,  Liu Yun and Yang Fengyu won the first prize.

This event has enhanced students' awareness of greening, environmental protection, and improved their personal quality. Students are expected to take this activity as an opportunity to cultivate their own body and mind.

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