Student from School of Information and Electrical Engineering Participated in Epidemic Prevention as a Volunteer in his Hometown


During the critical period of prevention from overseas input, and domestic rebound, Lu Quanmao from Software Technology Class 2019 , School of Information Electrical Engineering, responded positively to the call of the Communist Youth League Committee in his hometown and signed up to become an epidemic prevention volunteer. He made his contribution to the war against the epidemic.

Lu Quanmao has completed all the tasks assigned to him and impressed his hometown with his youth and courage, fully carried forward the volunteer spirit of dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress in the new era, with his exemplary deeds. In the ordinary activities, he contributed his youth strength and glittered among the volunteers.

Dedication is the most dazzling chapter of life, and struggle is the most beautiful scenery of youth. In this battlefield, at this critical moment of epidemic protection, countless young students jointly build a "Great Wall of Youth" . Students consciously strengthen their core consciousness, carry forward the affection to their home and country, and takes on responsibilities and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control in various forms. The young students are expected to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, bear the mission and devote themselves to the construction and development of our motherland.

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