Students' Self-management Committee Organized a Cultural Activity of Welcome New Year by Writing Spring Festival Couplets for Dormitories”


Writing Spring Festival couplets are the ancient tradition of the Chinese nation. It symbolizes good luck and expresses people's yearning for a better life. The dormitory is the second home for students, in order to enrich the campus dormitory activities, create a happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere, and promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, self-management committee launched "Welcome the New year with Spring Festival Couplets" activities.

To ensure the smooth development of the activities, members of the self-management committee set tables on the playground early with brushes, ink, paper and inkstones arranged. Despite the windy and cold weather, students are enthusiastic, they concentrate on writing Spring Festival couplets filled with their blessings for a happy new year. Everyone is busy, the scene is jubilant, sentimentalized with red rendering.

Students posted the couplets they have written on the dormitory door. Neat and beautiful, these Spring couplets displayed their best wishes for the New year. Some of them expressed sincere blessing and infinite love to our motherland, while others demonstrated their good expectations for college life in interesting and vivid language.

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