A Zero Breakthrough! The Business School Obtained the First National Invention Patent


Recently, the declaration for the national invention patent by Dr. Hu Wenting, a teacher from the International Electronic Commerce Department of Business School —— a visual attention calculation method that integrates the characteristics of visual width, was approved by the State Intellectual Property Office. She got the patent rights and her patent was registered and officially announced. This is the first approved invention patent declared by teacher of Business School,which is a zero breakthrough in their field of scientific research!

Chinese patents are mainly divided into three types: invention, utility models and design patent. Among them, the invention patents meet the highest requirements in terms of innovation, the length of examination and approval period, tightness of examination and authorization procedure but enjoy the longest patent protection period. From patent conception to authorization Dr. Hu Wenting , spent more than three years to go through revisions, replies and repeated arguments before obtaining the patent which is hard-won. The invention discloses a visual attention calculation method which integrates the characteristics of visual width. By taking the retinal imaging mechanism of human visual system as the basis of visual attention span characteristics, the traditional computer simulation visual attention calculation model is broken through. Real eye movement information is used to accurately express the individual visual attention allocation mechanism to calculate individual's interest in the object in the interface scene. The invention will be widely used in the future in the field of web page testing, advertising evaluation, human-computer interaction research, product availability evaluation and so on.

Business schools will provide more opportunities to accelerate the further transformation of patent results and actively encourage faculty to produce more high-quality scientific research results.

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