The 3rd Student Work Meeting for the Spring Semester 2021 Held at JSCVC

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On March 31, the third student work conference of 2021 spring semester was held on Dinghuaimen campus. Jin Lixia, deputy secretary and vice president of the university's Party Committee, attended the meeting and spoke. Relevant functional departments, heads of the Party General Branch of each college, secretaries of the General Branch of the League, and the director of the Student Management Office attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Tao, Director of the Student Status Management Office.

According to Jin Lixia , under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, students' work is not a problem that we should take lightly. She has made an analysis and guidance on the key work in the near future, demanding that firstly everyone attach great importance to the learning of Party history, organize youth members to study Party history, so as to strengthen their faith in the Party , and enhance students' ideological and action consciousness; secondly, we be supposed to firmly hold on to ideological positions and take the inspection work as an opportunity to obtain better results. Thirdly, strict examination and approval of students' leave, standardized procedures of asking for leave, and guaranteed campus safety and stability is required. Fourthly, strengthening cultural sense, paying attention to students' mental health with meticulous education and guidance is necessary; Fifthly, one-to-one precision help should be ascertained with better employment services.She asked the colleges to relay the meeting principles to relevant staff afterwards, strengthen linkage mechanism of student work and promote the high quality development of student work.


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