Teachers and Students from School of Arts Assisted the Opening Ceremony and Performance in Jiangsu Horticultural Expo


April 16, 2021 witnessed the official opening of the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Expo in Tangshan, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,the largest and most complete form of mountainous garden group in the world. Teachers and students from School of Arts were invited to undertake the makeup job for the performers at the opening ceremony. With outstanding responsibility, teachers and students worked together to meet the challenge, successfully completed the task and won unanimous praise from the creation team and the acting staff .

As early as 2014 when Nanjing Youth Olympic Games took place, nearly 100 teachers and students of JSCVC undertook the task of making up for more than 7000 people in the opening and closing ceremonies, which was highly praised by Chen Weiya, the general director, Wei Xiaomeng, the chief stylist etc. The opening and closing ceremony of Jiangsu Garden Expo and a panoramic immersion drama at the cliff theater were directed by the famous contemporary Chinese editor Chen Weiya with Wei Xiaomeng serving as as makeup director. In view of the good cooperation experience of the Youth Olympic Games, the School received an invitation from the figure makeup team and attached great importance to it. Vice dean Wang Zheng led the team. Xia Xuemin, director of Image and Art Department made overall coordination. 12 students majoring in figure makeup design were included in the team to undertake the task. The team experienced a number of rehearsals, makeup audit to ensure the success, showing a high technical level and excellent professional accomplishment.

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