A Tomb Sweeping Activity Organized by Education Institute for Remembrance of the Red Spirit of the Revolutionary Martyrs


Qingming Festival is a national memorial day for the deceased. For the memory of our revolutionary martyrs and inheritance of their spirit, on the afternoon of April 14, the Party General Branch of Education Institute went to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to cherish the memory of martyrs. Gu Xinhua, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and all Party members of Education Institute participated in the event.

In front of the solemn monument, all the Party members held flowers to salute the revolutionary martyrs and gazed at the monument. In a solemn atmosphere, the General Party Branch of the Institute presented a basket of flowers for the martyrs, Comrade Gu Xinhua stepped forward and carefully tidied the ribbons on the basket. Then all the party members presented flowers to the revolutionary martyrs in deep memory of them. Party member representative Xia Song led the members to review the oath of party and to remain true to their original aspiration. After the swearing-in ceremony, all Party members stood around the revolutionary martyrs monument, paying tribute. During the event, Comrade Gu Xinhua also issued a political birthday card to five Party members to encourage them to remember their mission.

During his visit to Jiangsu, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Jiangsu was an important area of our Party's activities in times of Great Revolution . There were 1,519 known and many unknown martyrs buried at Yuhuatai. Their deeds show the lofty ideals and beliefs of the Communists, noble moral sentiment, and the fearless spirit of sacrifice for the people. We should make good use of the rich Party history resources and make them a powerful spiritual force to encourage the people to develop and advance. From 1927 to 1949, outstanding Chinese Communists and patriots such as Yun Daiying and Deng Zhongxia were killed at Nanjing Yuhuatai, they dedicated their youth and blood to the cause of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.

Through this tomb sweeping, we reviewed the history of the Party and remember the ancestors who died for national independence, people's liberation, national prosperity and strength. Meanwhile, each Party member carries on a spiritual baptism, examines oneself, pondering over on how to integrate into the actual work the fearless spirit, the noble moral sentiment, the lofty ideal and belief of our forefathers.

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