JSOU Held Forum on Entrepreneurship among Ethnic Minority Students

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In order to inquire the entrepreneurial intentions of ethnic minority students and strengthen the publicity of the theory of entrepreneurship and innovation, JSOU held a forum on May 19th in JSOU Entrepreneurship Park, East Dinghuaimen Campus. 14 ethnic minority students from the School of Business participated the forum. Song Zhihua from JSOU Student Affairs Office presided over the forum. 

The background of JSOU Entrepreneurship Park was reviewed at the beginning of the forum. Achievements and awards earned by entrepreneurial student teams were introduced while the significance and opportunities for current situation were analyzed. Subsequently, every student introduced their hometown and reported their career planning. They all expressed that they would further learn the ethnic culture, custom and development trends of local featured products. With the help of efficient communication techniques and logistic networks, entrepreneur students could select appropriate projects to start their business. Some students put forward precious suggestions on entrepreneurship education. 

Some students pointed out that several products in ethnic minority areas had little sales and little profit and questioned the gap in entrepreneurial atmosphere between eastern and western China. Students realized that strategies should be applied during the package design and sales of ethnic products. Though there were inevitable gap in local people’s awareness across the nation, the marketing channels and sales stories should be improved anyway.  

By the end of the forum, students were encouraged to follow the path of outstanding alumni and take the initiative to participate in entrepreneurship competitions. Several guidelines on how to start a business were raised for the ethnic minority students.

The forum aimed to guide the ethnic minority students to pay attention to entrepreneurship and innovation, helping them plan their future and realize themselves. 


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