Nanjing Accessibility Research Center Inaugurated at Jiangsu Open University


To further implement the national construction of barrier free environment, promote high quality development in Jiangsu, make efforts to achieve the goal of "congstructing a new Jiangsu with strong economy, people's prosperity, good natural environment and high-level civilization", Nanjing Disabled Federation and Jiangsu Open University signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on June 23, on the same day, the opening ceremony for Nanjing Barrier-free Research Center was held in Jiangsu Open University.

Qing Zujie, Vice Chairman of Disabled Federation of Jiangsu province; Liu Hong, Director of Right Maintainance; Zhu Jingzhi,Party Committee Secretary of Nanjing Disabled Federation; Vice Chairman Ren Jinbao; Cui Xinyou, Deputy secretary and President of Jiangsu Open University; Wu Guanglin, Standing Committee Member, Vice President; and relevant department staff attended the meeting. Zhu Jingzhi, Qing Zujie and Cui Xinyou respectively put forward guidance and expectations for the future development of Nanjing Accessibility Research Center.

Jointly established by Nanjing Disabled Federation and Jiangsu Open University, Nanjing Barrier-free Research Center aims to implement the national and provincial accessibility environment construction and development policy and facilitate the disabled, the elderly and all social members. The Center will serve Nanjing City,even Jiangsu province,and the whole country, bearing in mind its people-oriented mission, helping with the precise construction and high-quality development of barrier-free undertakings, and making new contributions to improve governance system of urban and rural construction and social civilization!

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