Good News: 23 Courses Selected as Open Courses for Rural Revitalization in Jiangsu


Recently, the results of Jiangsu rural revitalization online open course were announced. 23 courses, including Jiangsu Communist Culture and Inheritance, Habits and Cultivation of Succulent Plants and A Brief History of Chinese Traditional Flower Arrangement, were successfully selected. The total number of JSOU selected courses ranked 7th among all the universities in Jiangsu, while the quality and quantity of selected courses were both improved comparing to the result last year. 

According to the documents published by Education Department of Jiangsu Province, JSOU Discipline Construction Division called for online courses since its publication. The courses were of great variety, mainly on cultivating agricultural skills and rural life quality, ranging from policies on agriculture to scientific farming.

JSOU schools and study centers responded quickly to the calling and 219 online courses were collected in the early stage. During the application, Discipline Construction Division conducted preliminary examination, categorization, summary and modification for the collected video courses and provided procedural guidance and assistance. In the later stage, Resource Construction Center also contributed to create high-quality video courses on agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Finally, the selected courses covered 7 modules and achieved good results in the recognition of rural revitalization online courses.

To revitalize the rural areas, local education must be rejuvenated first. The online open courses collection for Rural Revitalization in Jiangsu is a large-scale public benefit activity held by the Education Department of Jiangsu, which aims to further explore a long-term mechanism in promoting lifelong learning. Rural talents and related industries could benefit from rural revitalization accordingly.

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